Working on Purpose

Realize your strategic goals and unleash the power of your people by creating purposeful work throughout your organization.

Join fellow lean practitioners for the Virtual Lean Learning Experience to learn first-hand how lean management practitioners in a variety of industries are improving work culture and business results by tightly linking organizational goals to daily activities. You’ll learn how to:
  • Focus on the critical few strategic goals, align everyone’s work with them vertically and horizontally, and make problems visible to all, so the organization responds quickly.
  • Ensure that continuous improvement activities are always aimed at increasing the value flowing to customers -- the heart of lean thinking and practice.
  • Give everyone at all levels a sense of purpose by involving them in actively realizing the company’s strategy.
  • Change company culture for the better, so everyone sees the value in every job.
  • Design work processes and workplaces by starting with the company’s purpose and what the customer needs.
  • Elevate a great company purpose, so it’s even more remarkable.

Live interactive presentations include:

How Hoshin Kanri Enables You to Quickly Align and Achieve Company Purpose

Mark Reich
Senior Coach
Lean Enterprise Institute

For your company to achieve its organizational purpose, it’s important – but insufficient – that employees be inspired by it. You and other senior leaders must find a comprehensive way to connect purpose to critical business problems and activities in every function and management level, right down to the work on the frontlines.

Mark will explain how to make the connection using hoshin kanri, aka strategy deployment. He will draw on his direct experience implementing and teaching it during his 23 years at Toyota in Japan and North America. During that time, he served as assistant general manager of the corporate strategy division, where he managed and deployed Toyota's North American hoshin process.

Mark will give you a textbook example of hoshin’s power and effectiveness – including a first-hand experience of how it was used at Toyota when the company went from unprecedented sales and production growth to the financial crisis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how hoshin links organizational purpose to critical business problems throughout the entire organization.
  • Build each person’s capability and motivation by linking individual problem-solving to corporate challenges.
  • Build the organization’s capability to adapt quickly to changing business priorities, threats, and opportunities.
  • Understand the shortcomings of traditional strategy execution that keep you from achieving greater organizational and career performance.

Designing and Deploying a Productive and Fulfilling Remote Work Experience

Tom Paider
Vice President, Digital Workplace Technology

Tom Reither
Associate Vice President, Business Transformation Office

Has your organization struggled with the transition from in-person to remote work? Are you uncertain about your future work environment? Join Tom Paider and Tom Reither as they explain how Nationwide used lean management to successfully transition nearly all associates from the office to home. Using lean thinking and user-design principles, Nationwide has managed to maintain productivity and create a fulfilling work experience for team members.

Learning Objectives:

  • How a lean management system enables effective remote work environments.
  • How to successfully deploy technology to create collaborative and productive remote environments.
  • How to leverage a culture of operational excellence to redesign employees’ work experience.

Building a Purposeful, High-growth Enterprise that Connects Strategy, Design, and Engineering

Bruno Guicardi 
President and Co-Founder

As a digital pioneer, CI&T has had a first-row seat in the new world of consumer empowerment and constant technological change. This session will examine how corporate strategy and execution have adjusted to more unpredictable and uncertain external environments. Strategy used to be the work of a few. Now, it relies on the collective intelligence of many and has to integrate all the disciplines in a much faster execution cycle.  

Learning Objectives  

  • How to build an enterprise that combines a purposeful and high growth mindset for consistent results. 

  • How to avoid falling into the "good enough" trap. 

  • How to attract digital and technical talent by creating an appealing environment that connects strategy, design, and engineering. 

  • How engineering can kill internal creativity and innovation  
How to hack the hoshin kanri method to tackle unpredictable consumer behavior.  

  • How to build a flexible, resilient, and agile organizational culture using the 'antifragile' concepts of adhocracy.  

Get Results When You Put Purpose into Action, Even During a Pandemic

Hollie Jensen
Principal Business Transformation Designer
Alaska Airlines

Sandy Stelling
Vice President of Strategy, Analytics and Transformation
Alaska Airlines

Learn how having an established performance culture enabled focuses improvements during a crisis. Hollie and Sandy share how Alaska Airlines involved its Airline Ground and Flight operations team in enhancing safety protocols during the pandemic. By involving frontline workers in defining the goals of their work and how to improve it, within the context of the company’s purpose, the company elevated the value of the work and strengthened the company’s brand promise.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the power of purpose when the frontline work directly aligns with business objectives.
  • Learn how company culture changes for the better when everyone sees the value in every job.
  • Understand why it’s critical that the person doing the work has a say in how the work is done.
  • Realize how creating purposeful work demonstrates respect for people.  
  • Discover how you can embed company strategy into every job—even “behind the scenes” jobs like payroll and maintenance--to deliver a meaningful impact on business results.
  • Connecting the purpose and strategy of the organization to those working on the frontline

Designing Purposeful Work and Workplaces through Frontline Engagement

Scott Jeffers
Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Operations
Quest Diagnostics

MaryAnn Camacho
Sr. Executive Director, Customer Services
Quest Diagnostics

What do you do when your company’s purpose is undeniably great, yet you want to make an even bigger impact? If you’re a lean thinking company like Quest Diagnostics, you work to understand your customer’s purpose. Scott and MaryAnn describe two ways the lab company has enhanced already purposeful work. The lab’s customer service center listened intently to their client’s needs and adjusted their live call protocols to only deliver the most critical information at the time clients needed it most. 

In addition, an effort to build a new flagship laboratory to suit the work’s value stream will return lab results to customers more quickly. The projects ensure the lab delivers only the information the customer needs in the shortest possible amount of time while taking costs out and improving the business.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding purpose through the observation and understanding of those on the front line directly responding to the customer need.
  • Learn how to design work processes and workplaces by starting with the company’s purpose and what the customer needs.
  • Understand how purposeful work drives employee’s motivation to achieve ever-higher performance.
  • Identify key points to designing a facility from the customer back through the value stream.
  • Recognize the long-term impact on the business, its, people, and customers when the customer has changed but the business hasn’t.

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