Customer Testimonials

“My Goal for taking the course was to give me a better understanding of what Lean thinking and practice was about and see how it could be incorporated into my workplace. To understand and be able to apply Lean principles, systems, and concepts to increase value and reduce wasteful practices in my daily work. To be able to use scientific methods such as PDCA in solving problems, 5S`s Visual workplace, Process maps, Value stream mapping, Kanban, A3`s and Lean tools. To be able to develop capability in people and how to behave and act as a lean coaching leader. Yes, my goals for taking this course were met, I now have a better understanding of what Lean is and Lean thinking is about and how to apply the different principles, systems and concepts to increase value and eliminate wasteful practices in the workplace. I also now have a better understanding of the different lean tools for problem solving and what is added value and what is waste.”


“All materials and activities were benficial because they all play a important role and lean transformation. Further, as a manger it was improtant for me to understand value and how it is created. it was important for me to understand how to define work and its relationship to value from the view of the operator. People create value and this course helped reinforce that ideology.”