Gain perspective about lean's evolution--with an emphasis on what's ahead.

  • Jim Womack will launch the VLX by taking a brief walk through key moments in Lean history – describing dramatic leaps in principles and practice during many crises up to the present as lean leaders advanced the concept of lean enterprise. He will also reflect on what we have learned in the present crisis as lean leaders have responded. And he will talk about designing the future – not just for products and processes – but designing a future Lean Community able to meet and master new crises on the horizon.

  • Building on his experience at the 100-plus-year-old Ford and the start-up Rivian, Jim Morgan will reveal a set of first principles that will guide us through the next lean innovations.


All videos are recorded live sessions.

Speaker Topic

Review schedule and key points for week. Get familiar with Go Do Challenge, introduce yourself on slack, and answer discussion question.
Jim Womack, PhD,
LEI Founder, Senior Advisor, and Author 
Key Moments in Lean History
Jim Morgan, PhD, LEI Senior Advisor, LPPD, and Author   Lean Product & Process Development Guiding Principles and Practices
Jim Womack and Jim Morgan Moderated Panel with Q&A

Final reflections and plan for applying the learning.

Agenda subject to change.

Access recorded content all at once or a little day by day, the choice is yours.

  • 1

    Monday (~1 hour)

    • Welcome to the Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX)

    • Review Schedule & Key points

    • Get Familiar with the Go Do Challenge

    • Join & Introduce Yourself on Slack

    • Answer Discussion Question

    • Optional - Supplemental Materials

  • 2

    Tuesday (~2.5 hours)

    • Learn about this week's speakers

    • Pre-watch video

    • Recorded Live Session with Jim Womack

    • Recorded Live Session with Jim Morgan

    • Join the discussion

  • 3

    Wednesday (~.5 hours)

    • Continue Go Do Challenge

  • 4

    Thursday (~1.5 hours)

    • Recorded Moderated Discussion with Jim Womack and Jim Morgan

    • Continue the Go Do Challenge

  • 5

    Friday (~.5 hours)

    • Complete the Go Do Challenge

    • Reflection

    • Certificates

    • Next Steps


PhD, Founder, Senior Advisor and Author, Lean Enterprise Institute

Jim Womack

James Womack is the father of the lean movement and has been talking about creating value through continuous innovation around deep customer understanding for many years.

Recieved a B.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1970, a master's degree in transportation systems from Harvard in 1975, and a Ph.D. in political science from MIT in 1982 (for a dissertation on comparative industrial policy in the U.S., Germany, and Japan).

Co-author of The Machine That Changed the World(Macmillan/Rawson Associates, 1990), Lean Thinking (Simon & Schuster, 1996), Lean Solutions (Simon & Schuster, 2005), and Seeing The Whole Value Stream (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011).

PhD, Senior Advisor, Product and Process Development, Lean Enterprise Institute

Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan, Ph.D. is President of EMC Network, a research and consulting firm specializing in new product and process creation. He is also Senior Advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute for their lean product and process development initiative. In these roles Jim has helped senior leaders from a wide variety of industries to improve their organizations development performance. Dr. Morgan’s expertise comes from a rare combination of deep industry experience and rigorous scholarship.

His most recent industry experience was serving as Chief Operating Officer at Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer that he helped lead through a critical transition period.

Jim co-authored (with Professor Jeffrey Liker) the award-winning book The Toyota Product Development System (2006) and Designing the Future (2018).

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Eddy Honorio

Fully recommend!

Fully recommend!

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