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Speakers Topic
JimMorgan, PhD,
LEI Senior Advisor, LPPD, and Author
The Leader’s Role in Building the Sustainable Development System

To kick off the week’s exploration of the six guiding principles of Lean Product and Process Development, Jim Morgan shares what leaders must do to get started and sustain the gains of an effective development system.

He asserts and explains why leaders must use the principles themselves, coupled with a supporting management system, and then shares specific examples of how to do it.

Dave Leone,
Director Engineering, GE Appliances, a Haier Company

Implementing Technologies that Change How People Work

Having spent the last four years implementing blue-light scanning into the “engineering factory,” Dave Leone will share his change-management insights on how to effectively introduce new technologies that fundamentally change how people do their work.

Jaime Ogbourne,
Continuous Improvement Manager, Pella
Moving from “They” to “We” to Improve Operational Readiness

Join Jaime Ogbourne and Bill Pollock for a candid conversation on how to improve operational readiness levels for new product designs by acting as one team of people who are all committed to creating value for customers rather than a set of separate functions.

With a 25-year history of lean thinking and practice, Pella's team had a strong foundation to build upon when they brought more focus to LPPD in 2016 but knew they could do so much more, particularly to improve time to market.

Learn how they started using "today's pain and frustration" to drive "system-wide improvement tomorrow," leading to more learning and performance breakthroughs, business results, and excitement for the future.
John E. Billi, MD and
Medical Director, Michigan Medicine
Building Problem-Solving Capability in a Large Organization

Learning how to be a better problem-solver is challenging. Improving the problem-solving capabilities of thousands of people can be daunting.

Dr. John E. Billi will share his personal and professional journey of becoming a better problem-solver and deliberately spreading A3 thinking. Likewise, he will be challenging others to share their stories, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Jim Morgan, Dave Leone, Jaime Ogbourne, John E. Billi
Moderated Panel with Q&A

Allison Weber,
Chief Engineer, TechnipFMC
Understanding Customer and Context

Allison Weber will share how TechnipFMC uses the Concept Paper to deeply understand customer value, align the organization around a product vision, and execute across the entire value stream from engineering to manufacturing to service.

She will explain how Jim Morgan’s Six Principles of Product Development live inside the Concept Paper, making it, perhaps, the most influential tool in determining a product’s success.
Ryan Mitchell,
Engineering Chief of Staff, Caterpillar
Creating a Management System for a Global and Virtual Environment  

Ryan Mitchell will present how Caterpillar leaders have evolved its management system (Operating System X Leadership Behaviors) to support the company’s global business using physical and virtual obeyas and visual management methods.
Natalie Reed,
Project Specialist, Pella
Using Knowledge Gap Analysis to Create Healthy Team Cultures

Lean product and process development may be a "team sport," but how do you get people on the same page to begin with or at critical points in the development process?

Natalie Reed will discuss how to identify and close knowledge gaps and then prioritize critical work across functions.

Reed will share powerful stories of how she's used the tool of knowledge gap analysis to make better products, improve team performance, and grow healthy work culture and relationships.

John Drogosz, PhD
Katrina Appell, PhD,
LPPD Senior Coaches, Lean Enterprise Institute
Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD): Putting Principles into Practice

Lean product and process development coaches and researchers Katrina Appell and John Drogosz will discuss making the six guiding principles of lean product and process development actionable.

With a combined 40+ years of lean experience, John and Katrina will share how to build strong teams through deliberately creating the conditions for people to perform their best and apply value stream mapping in a product development context. This will give you structure to move forward next week, putting the LPPD principles into practice

Allison Reed, Ryan Mitchell, Natalie Reed, John Drogosz, Katrina Appell Moderated Panel Q&A